Our Mission

As an Orthodox Christian Classical Academy, the Three Hierarchs Academy has as its mission to initiate its students into the Way, Truth and Life Incarnate, Who is Christ, the Light of the world.

The Academy’s mission is based primarily on two three-fold programs of academic and spiritual growth: the Τριτύς or Trivium of Grammar, Dialectic and Rhetoric, and the three stages of spiritual maturation: Purification, Illumination and Theosis.

The Academy exists for its students to be nurtured on the wisdom, truth and beauty of Christ and His saints, instructed in the Orthodox Way of being, immersed in the Greek language, intellectually trained in the Liberating Arts and Sciences, and thus prepared for a lifetime of spiritual and academic excellence.

Academy Non-Discrimination Statement:

The Three Hierarchs Academy is qualified to participate in the State of Arizona's programs for financial assistance for private schools and, therefore, adheres to the regulations set forth by the state to be eligible for these programs. See ARS 15-891.

"The primary goal in the education of children is to teach,
and to give examples of a virtuous life."

~ St. John Chrysostom

We are devoted to the formation of Orthodox Christians.

Three Hierarchs Academy is a place where children are inculcated with an Orthodox Christian ethos, or way of being. Our school’s culture is shaped by the Faith and Life of the Orthodox Church, exemplified by the Saints. We begin each day with their example, which instills within our students the liberating truth of a life lived in Christ.

We are devoted to fostering academic excellence.

Three Hierarchs Academy offers a classical education inspired by that employed among the Romioi (Ρωμιοί, “Romans”) in Constantinople (1250-1450). Consequently, our classes consist of a teacher (μαϊστωρ) with a small number of students, conducting their studies in the trivium (τριτύς), comprising grammar, poetry, logic, rhetoric, and history, and the quadrivium (μαθηματική τετρακτύς), comprising arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music and higher sciences. These stages of a Liberal Education are a process of learning how to learn, by which the student is able to critically and creatively think for himself. Within the Orthodox fullness and freedom of Christ, such a critical and creative thinker will not only excel in academics, life and work, he will be free from the mental shackles of the spirit of his age.

We are devoted to connecting our students to the primary sources.

The hallmark of classical education is initiating students into the so-called “Great Conversation,” that exchange of ideas contained in the “Great Books” of Western civilization. Invariably, this means, as it pertains to at least the last 1000 years, the non-Orthodox Christian West. Orthodox Classical Education is not thus limited. At Three Hierarchs we are able to draw our living water from a deeper, broader and more ancient spring of spiritual enlightenment and bequeath to our students the classical, yet timeless, Christian heritage never lost to the Orthodox world.

We are devoted to providing a safe, spiritually healthy environment to facilitate the learning process.

At the Three Hierarchs Academy, we have carefully selected a talented group of Instructors, with strong spiritual foundations, dedicated to guiding our students on the path of spiritual and academic excellence. We are fully aware of the challenges presented by contemporary society, as well as the benefits that a well-grounded spiritual life brings to today’s youth. For this reason, we are devoted to forming all decisions affecting the school culture on the basis of the Mind of Christ and not the totalitarian demands of an apostate society.

We are devoted to teaching our students the language of the Gospel

At the Three Hierarchs Academy, we teach students both Koine, the language of the Gospel, and Modern spoken Greek, leading to a full immersion program at the High School level.

We are devoted to preparing students for their future life endeavors.

At the Three Hierarchs Academy, we work to inspire and equip our students for a life of excellence, whether preparing them academically for standardized and college admission testing, or vocationally for employment, or spiritually for service to the Church, or for any other path in which God is leading them.

Meet Our Headmaster

Fr.Peter Heers is the Headmaster of Three Hierarchs Academy in Florence, Arizona.

Fr. Peter Heers was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up near San Francisco. His father was an Anglican priest who, along with the rest of his family and much of his parish, converted to the Orthodox Church in 1992. In 1996 Fr. Peter went to Greece to visit Mt. Athos and returned in 1998 to attend the Theological School of the University of Thessaloniki. Fr. Peter lived there for 18 years and married a Thessaloniki native, Presbytera Kyriaki. They have been blessed with 5 children.

About Three Hierarchs

The Three Hierarchs of Eastern Christianity - Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom. They were highly influential bishops of the early church who played pivotal roles in shaping Christian theology. In Eastern Christianity they are also known as the Three Great Hierarchs and Ecumenical Teachers, while in Roman Catholicism the three are honored as Doctors of the Church. The three are venerated as saints in Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Anglicanism and other Christian churches.

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